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Who moved my cheese? – Spencer Johnson

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People like stories, people remember stories. So, tell stories! This is what I learned from Seth Godin. But Spencer Johnson clearly understands this concept too. This little book embodies the concepts of how to deal with change in one memorable parable. Johnson probably wasn’t the first to do so, but this concept — packing management theories as stories — is everywhere now. And this little book, probably has a lot… Read More »Who moved my cheese? – Spencer Johnson

Marx – Peter Singer

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This was the third book in a twelve part series of introductions to famous thinkers/philosophers (previously I read Plato and Kierkegaard). You might expect these books to be small (check) and comprehensible (not so much). So like the other two books, this book suffers from the same problems. Sure, you’ll get an introduction on Marx, and you get a better understanding of what influenced his thinking and what his special… Read More »Marx – Peter Singer

Unorthodox – Netflix miniseries

I was impressed by the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox. Specifically with the talented actors, the believable authentic world-building and the spot-on casting (so good). With regards to all of these aspects this is a very good show. Huge parts of the show are in Yiddish which is a unique experience (especially when you speak a little bit of German). It felt genuine and intimate. I like that the story works with… Read More »Unorthodox – Netflix miniseries

Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates in His Own Words – Lisa Rogak

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I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates and tend to follow what he does. So this book, just like the one on Steve Jobs, is a nice reminder of the man’s personality and his thinking process. As it spans some 30+ years, there are mild variations noticeable, but overall: what you see is what you get and with Bill Gates and that is head-on, rational straightforwardness and a… Read More »Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates in His Own Words – Lisa Rogak

iSteve – George Beahm en Wim Zefat

This is a book just with quotes from late Apple founder Steve Jobs. I already knew most of them, having read more than one book about Steve Jobs. Nonetheless, seeing his most salient quotes in one place is a good indication and reminder of the man’s personality and vision. Since the quotes are all dated I particularly noticed 3 types of Steve. The brass, cocky, young Steve (everything up until… Read More »iSteve – George Beahm en Wim Zefat

I, Robot – Isaac Asimov

If one writer is responsible for how we think about robots it is, of course, Isaac Asimov. The terrifically prolific writer and groundbreaking author of the science-fiction genre, produced numerous works with terrific futuristic insight — and, some were about robots. And I, Robot is a seminal work in this oeuvre. But this book is of course not really about robots, or the famous law of robotics. No, this law… Read More »I, Robot – Isaac Asimov

Jitsi finetuning and customization

Jitsi offers a great user experience because it doesn’t require an account, you just go to a Chrome URL and you’re pretty much good to go. You get a full blown video chat environment: complete with gridview, screensharing and chat options. No add ons or third party installations needed. I greatly prefer this instead of Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams or what have you. Jitsi is also a great… Read More »Jitsi finetuning and customization

Volume 1: From Savoy Stompers to Clock Rockers – Andrew Hickey

One of my favorite podcasts is “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs”. I’ve written about it before, it’s an absolutely terrific podcast. But this post is not about the podcast but about the book! After the first 50 episodes creator Andrew Hickey bundled the adapted episode transcripts into the first volume of a book series. And, of course, I had to get it, as an unmissable reference and… Read More »Volume 1: From Savoy Stompers to Clock Rockers – Andrew Hickey

Ten pieces of software that removed roadblocks

Successful software is not defined by the number of lines of code or number of clever algorithms. More often than not, successful software is defined by how many roadblocks it removes for the user. Sounds obvious, right? But it usually takes a few iterations before software gains critical mass. And for a (critical) mass number of users, you need to remove roadblocks. Roadblocks that power-users or early adopters don’t mind… Read More »Ten pieces of software that removed roadblocks

The Trial – Franz Kafka

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Max Brod is probably the worlds’ greatest publicist. He famously refused his writer friends’ dying wish to destroy all his work after his passing. This friend was of course, Franz Kafka. And against Kafka’s wishes Max Brod did publish his works and subsequently Kafka became known to the world as an absolute literary genius. The Trial The only other Kafka I read before this was one was The Metamorphosis and… Read More »The Trial – Franz Kafka

Cruddiy: a no-code Bootstrap CRUD generator

November 2020: Cruddiy now supports creating and deleting table relations (based on foreign keys) for cascading deletes/updates and and prepopulating select lists. Read more here. So you have a MySQL database and a user who should be able to do some standard database actions, like Create, Read, Update or Delete database records. Nothing fancy. And, this is a non-technical user, so you don’t want to give them access to phpMyAdmin,… Read More »Cruddiy: a no-code Bootstrap CRUD generator