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iSteve – George Beahm en Wim Zefat

This is a book just with quotes from late Apple founder Steve Jobs. I already knew most of them, having read more than one book about Steve Jobs. Nonetheless, seeing his most salient quotes in one place is a good indication and reminder of the man’s personality and vision.

iSteve – George Beahm en Wim Zefat (2011) – 160 pagina’s

Since the quotes are all dated I particularly noticed 3 types of Steve.

  • The brass, cocky, young Steve (everything up until 1985, before his Apple exit)
  • The reflective, contemplating Steve (from 1985 – 2000 the in-between NeXT/Pixar years)
  • The seasoned, wise Steve (2000 – 2011)

You can probably date the quotes based on their spirit to either three of these periods.

The timeline after the quotes was a great plus for this book as well as the references! However this book was not without mistakes, there never was an iPhone 4GS (a 4S sure) and the iPod was introduced on October 23 2001 (not in november).

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