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Get Back part 2

I finished watching Get Back. Read my article about the first 30 minutes here. It’s safe to say this is hands down one of the best documentaries ever. I could not look away. Truly amazing. In between watching this over the last week I accumulated quite a few articles (from blogs, newspapers, and my RSS feed) that I did not want to read before I finished watching. But now I… Read More »Get Back part 2

The Beatles: Get Back

I am only 30 minutes in to the 8 hour long — highly anticipated — Peter Jackson documentary and I already have many thoughts. I need to get these out before further viewing, because I have a feeling I will change my mind many times over during viewing. Let’s go Beatle by Beatle. Paul It’s very apparent that Paul is the undisputed leader of the band. There are no two… Read More »The Beatles: Get Back

Unorthodox – Netflix miniseries

I was impressed by the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox. Specifically with the talented actors, the believable authentic world-building and the spot-on casting (so good). With regards to all of these aspects this is a very good show. Huge parts of the show are in Yiddish which is a unique experience (especially when you speak a little bit of German). It felt genuine and intimate. I like that the story works with… Read More »Unorthodox – Netflix miniseries

First Man

For a movie where you can’t expect surprises about the main story line — because it’s in every history book — this movie certainly did not disappoint! In fact, First Man is a phenomenal movie. The opening scene immediately sets the tone. In a shaky, chaotic, sweaty and nervous test-flight, a few years before the moon landing, we are introduced to Neil Armstrong. But also to the fact that mankind… Read More »First Man

Last Chance U season 2

My favorite Netflix show, by far, is Last Chance U. A documentary where the EMCC football team is followed for an entire football season (so around 10 games). As the name implies and what makes this show different is that this team usually consists of a few (very talented) outcasts, that have a last chance at a decent college career (and maybe even the NFL). Guys that, for whatever reason,… Read More »Last Chance U season 2

My January timeline

I’ve always loved timelines. Visually seeing where things are in time resonates pretty strongly with me. This love goes back to my earliest memories of the dentists’ office where a huge year-round calendar hung on the wall. It had 12 distinct vertical columns and every day had its own little box. Maybe it’s because of the physical pain that went with those visits, but this calendar is cemented in my mind. It’s what… Read More »My January timeline