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Marx – Peter Singer

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This was the third book in a twelve part series of introductions to famous thinkers/philosophers (previously I read Plato and Kierkegaard). You might expect these books to be small (check) and comprehensible (not so much). So like the other two books, this book suffers from the same problems.

Marx – Peter Singer (1999) – 111 pages

Sure, you’ll get an introduction on Marx, and you get a better understanding of what influenced his thinking and what his special relation to Hegel was. Interesting, enlightening, great!

However for an introduction I find the language, specifically in the critical parts, way too scientific. So I am always struggling with the question for who are these books written? Clearly an experienced philosopher would not pick up an introduction like this? And for someone just dipping their toes — it is after all an introduction — I think the language can be a bit overwhelming. So writer, who are you trying to impress? The material is there, but it could do with a bit of editing.

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