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Hi there! I am Jan van den Berg and is my personal blog about things that interest me. So you will mainly find posts about technology, music, books  and podcasts.

I read, watch and listen in the open. That means you can see every book, movie or podcast I read, watched or listened to.

I also have another blog: where I blog daily, and I (used to) co-host a podcast: Brug podcast (both Dutch). You can follow me on Mastodon or Twitter or look at my GitHub or LinkedIn to find more about me or email me (janvdberg [at]

And if you like; you can add this blog to your RSS reader.

One thing about me: I am the owner of not one, but two Donald Knuth checks.


Because this is a personal blog I thought it should somehow reflect my name and be short! But, was taken. So the next best and short thing I could come up with was j11g. This is a numeronym; my full name starts with a J and ends with a G with 11 letters in between (more people do this).