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One year with the PS3

This month marks one year of me owning a Playstation 3. What started out as a quest for an ‘easy’ Netflix device, ended in getting a PS3. Maybe it seems I am a bit late to the game, because the PS4 is, and was, already available of course. But for me this presented a great opportunity. Because the PS3 is almost at the end of its lifecycle, so it is easy to determine which… Read More »One year with the PS3

Thoughts on Heartbleed

This week, part of the internet broke. Again. Some important people even called it an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. And I don’t disagree. After the recent Apple goto fail SSL bug and NSA RSA debacle this was actually worse. So everyone agreed on that. But 3 things, regarding open source software, stood out for me from all this. 1. OpenSSL is a great example of just one… Read More »Thoughts on Heartbleed

  • Tech

I always enjoy reading Especially from “software people”. And I am always a bit surprised when I read what hardware some people use >8 hours a day. Some people really use some old stuff! You’d sort of expect when you spend that much time working/interacting with tools you want the best (newest?) tools. But then I realised, I’m probably no different myself. So, since no-one asked I’m going to… Read More »