WordPress is amazing!🔥

This blog is powered by WordPress. That means that the content you read was edited in the WordPress administrative interface and that same content is now presented to you by the WordPress engine! WordPress powers 24% of the web. And for good reason. It is amazing. It is free, fast and easy! When I had to pick a CMS for my first blog in 2005, it was a different world.… Read More »WordPress is amazing!🔥

A new home!

Welcome to j11g.com, my personal blog about anything and everything that interests me. So mostly technology, music, books and podcasts. To get started you’ll find a collection of posts from the piks.nl archive and we’ll take it from there. Why? Piks.nl has been my main blog for over 11 years. However it started as a pictures site for friends; hence the name. This was in 2005, before Facebook, Hyves, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google… Read More »A new home!

Thoughts about the Snapchat IPO👻

Last year I wrote about Snapchat and their unique approach to things. I’d like to think that my predictions at the end of that blog came true 😎. Why? Because we see Instagram betting big on streaming and disappearing video i.e. copying Snapchat features. If anything, it’s proof Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with. And they seem to be making Zuckerberg & co. nervous. So it’s not unexpected… Read More »Thoughts about the Snapchat IPO👻

Rising NBA stars

The 2016/2017 NBA season has been a lot of fun so far. Just like the previous season. All kinds of records are being broken. It seems the game is changing. Or maybe it’s because we just keep track of everything now. Either way it’s much more interesting to follow the NBA than it was a decade ago. We all know the global stars like Curry, Westbrook, Durant, LeBron and Harden. They’ve… Read More »Rising NBA stars

I still love RSS (you can too!)

RSS. It’s kind of a weird acronym and people can’t even seem to agree on the true meaning behind those three letters. It doesn’t sound too sexy, but it does sort of have a recognisable logo. If you have seen this logo before and wondered what it is, well, this post is for you! TL:DR: RSS is a specification that will allow you to keep track of all your favourite sites in… Read More »I still love RSS (you can too!)

My music discoveries of 2016

Last years’ post was pretty popular, so let’s continue this. You know the rules, so let’s go! I’ve always had a soft spot for Conor Oberst’s (aka Bright Eyes) fragility. After a rough period he dropped a new album, with pearls like this next one. Only 3,594 views so far, we should all be ashamed. To stay a bit with fragile singer/songwriters, this big man John Moreland will break your… Read More »My music discoveries of 2016

Let’s encrypt all the things!

You may notice something different on your favourite blog. Left of the URL in the address bar there is a little green lock! This means piks.nl is now served to you via SSL/TLS. You know, https:// instead of http://. This means the connection, and therefore, traffic between you and the website is more secure, because it is encrypted. This was way overdue, even more so because it’s oh so easy now with Let’s Encrypt. Let’s… Read More »Let’s encrypt all the things!

Rogue One: one is enough for me (spoilers)

Sure, I am not the biggest Star Wars fan. Not by a long shot. But I do have a mild admiration for the first original trilogy, which made quite an impression on my younger self  (he is Lukes’ father! Go figure). And like most people I can look past the quality of the later trilogy. So last years’ Star Wars movie (I guess that’s a thing now) was a bit of a… Read More »Rogue One: one is enough for me (spoilers)

Best of 2016

Best-of lists signify another year is coming to a close. People feel a need to sort and order things to make room for what is to come. Or something like that. So here is an assorted list of best new things I found in 2016. Things can be anything, as long as it was new to me in 2016. Feel free to share your list in the comments. Best new app Google Photos… Read More »Best of 2016

China Observations

Last week I had the chance to visit China, specifically Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. These are my observations of China, completely biased and uninformed, for personal future reference. My conclusion after many many trips, over many years, over most of the country: Almost anything you want to say about China is true. — Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly) October 19, 2015 I thought about this tweet a lot last week. Even though I was… Read More »China Observations


Snapchat is everywhere these days. And with everywhere, I mean a lot of people are talking about it like it’s some sort of elusive enigma only the young kids are able to tune in to. The digital equivalent of high pitched notes. What makes it so hard to grasp, what’s different about it and what’s important about it. Let’s dissect, shall we. Different Snapchat is unlike any other application that you’re… Read More »Snapchat