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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Red Dead Redemption 2

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It’s been over a week since I ‘finished’ the most anticipated game of 2018 (or maybe even of the last five years); Red Dead Redemption 2. I say finished in quotes, because I clocked in around 50 hours in a little less than three weeks just to finish the main campaign, but the more I learn about the game after finishing, the more I become convinced I haven’t even seen… Read More »The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Red Dead Redemption 2

Super Mario Odyssey

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When the first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey came out it underscored the magic all Mario games seem to share. Because my four and five year old, who have no prior sentimental knowledge of Mario, made it vocally very clear this was the game they wanted (well, a T-Rex in the trailer also helps). So we got a Nintendo Switch, specifically for this game. And we’re two weeks in, so… Read More »Super Mario Odyssey

Best of 2016

Best-of lists signify another year is coming to a close. People feel a need to sort and order things to make room for what is to come. Or something like that. So here is an assorted list of best new things I found in 2016. Things can be anything, as long as it was new to me in 2016. Feel free to share your list in the comments. Best new app Google Photos… Read More »Best of 2016

My January timeline

I’ve always loved timelines. Visually seeing where things are in time resonates pretty strongly with me. This love goes back to my earliest memories of the dentists’ office where a huge year-round calendar hung on the wall. It had 12 distinct vertical columns and every day had its own little box. Maybe it’s because of the physical pain that went with those visits, but this calendar is cemented in my mind. It’s what… Read More »My January timeline

Masters of Doom

On my last vacation I finally got around to reading Masters of Doom by David Kushner. This book from 2003 keeps popping up every now and again and people always rave about it. I put it on my Amazon wish list years ago (which holds 50 books atm). But recently I came across it again, so it was time. And boy, what an absolute pleasure to read, it was. From start to… Read More »Masters of Doom

The Minecraft timeline

The story of Minecraft sounds like a great movie script. Notch as the protagonist genius programmer, who, from an underdog (indie) position, single handedly changed the game industry by just doing what he loved. And, making a lot of money along the way. And even more money when he was fed up with it all and sold Minecraft. But perhaps a movie is unnecessary, it is all very well documented already. And most people are familiar… Read More »The Minecraft timeline

One year with the PS3

This month marks one year of me owning a Playstation 3. What started out as a quest for an ‘easy’ Netflix device, ended in getting a PS3. Maybe it seems I am a bit late to the game, because the PS4 is, and was, already available of course. But for me this presented a great opportunity. Because the PS3 is almost at the end of its lifecycle, so it is easy to determine which… Read More »One year with the PS3