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Floccus is the bookmark manager you have been looking for

Floccus does exactly what you want because Floccus doesn’t break your bookmark management flow.

The flow being: adding, changing, removing, moving bookmarks *in* your browser, straight from the bookmark bar and with the shortcuts you already know.

Because Floccus is nothing more than a browser extension.

Screenshot of the Floccus Chrome extension

How does it work?

Floccus is actually not a bookmark manager — because your browser does that already!


Floccus periodically makes an .xml file of all your bookmarks (the bookmarks, the bookmark folders, the positions etc.). All the bookmarks that you see on your bookmark bar.

And the MAGIC is that it stores and syncs this file on a central location: WebDav, Nextcloud or Google Drive (I use this).

It works like this.

You connect Floccus extension to your Google Drive on one browser, this is your Floccus account. Now you can export this account (a json file) and import it on all your other browsers.

Import and export screen: a one time setup

The Floccus extension that sits in all your browsers does nothing more than periodically sync this file and merge changes (when necessary): new bookmarks or deletions will sync to all browsers because the Floccus extension “manages” the bookmarks (based on the xml file).

That’s it.

It’s so elegant and simple that at first I didn’t get it. Sure there are options available for sync behavior, sync interval, folder mapping, setting a passphrase and more. But for most people the defaults are fine.

I use Floccus to sync two browsers (Brave @ work and Chrome @ home) and I absolutely love it! All my bookmarks are available on any browser I use (Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi and Microsoft Edge are all supported).

Floccus is the bookmark “manager” I have been looking for!


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