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The perfect notebook

I keep a daily journal. And journaling daily make pocket planners usable as journal notebooks. I tend to be particular about certain things. So when searching for a new notebook — one that I will carry around for a year — I decided the following things are important. Must haves A5 format. Everything else is too big or too small. Hardcover. No flappy stuff. Lined paper Not too wide or… Read More »The perfect notebook

Favorite 2017 purchases

Here’s a chronological list of some of the physical things/tools/gadgets I bought in 2017. Physical as in, I’m leaving out experiences, books and cryptocoins. Here we go. The Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones are decent aka good enough for my use, but more importantly also cheap enough so I don’t have to worry when I break them, which will eventually happen sooner or later. Which is mostly sooner in my experience with… Read More »Favorite 2017 purchases

The search for a new watch

Three years ago I got a Casio WV-200E-1AVEF. It’s a good watch. I wear it everyday. What I specifically like about it is that it tells the EXACT time. You know, the thing watches are supposed to do. It does so because it is a radio-controlled watch. This means that everyday, the watch will sync up with a radio tower and get the exact time. If that fails you can still set… Read More »The search for a new watch