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My Music Discoveries of 2019

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Here are my favorite music discoveries of 2019. Earlier editions are here: 20152016, 2017 and 2018 (part 1) and 2018 (part 2).

You know the drill. A few sentences and a YouTube video. No less than 19 videos. All songs need to be listened to. And all songs I obsessed about at one point or another in 2019. Here we go — in no particular order.

The first and last video on the list are the same band. I am relatively late to the Fontaines D.C. party. But I am here now! Hands down the best band of 2019 for me. Fresh, cocky, Irish and absolutely terrific. I haven’t been this excited about a band since the Arctic Monkeys debut.

This next band probably has the best name of all the bands on the list. The Menzingers. I mean, come on, that’s a pretty good name! This track is absolutely outstanding in urgency. And I’m gonna share the single and the acoustic, because they’re both brilliant in their own way.

Same song. Different settings. Just great. 10/10 would listen to on repeat.

This next song is messy and far from a perfect live performance, but I dig the taupe oversized shirts, keyboards and intensity.

This is an old favorite I rediscovered last year. Few bands can hold the candle to Wovenhand. They are not like any other band.

You know how you sometimes can forget about a song, but when you rediscover it, it’s like finding a severed finger? This Placebo song is like that. I nearly forgot about this song. Needs to be played at absolutely no less than 11. The SG and piano demand it.

I’ve posted VTr in a prrrrrevious list before, I really like this bands’ style. Running away doesn’t feel so bad. You don’t say.

There are MANY versions of the classic Irish rebel song Come Out Ye’ Black and Tans, but it so happens that I played this specific version the most.

S&G were probably my first love, and they will always hold a special place. Their songs are firmly locked in a time and place. Timeless music. I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.

SOAK. Soak it in. This song hit me in the teeth. I truly do not understand why she is not a superstar already. Tremendous song.

The Decemberists, so you know exactly what you’ll get. Relentless and they will wait for absolutely no one. No time to breathe, go go go go go!

I am aware there are only a few women on this list. But Sharon van Ettens’ Glastonbury performance, was maybe the best performance I saw last year. Raw, intense, broody.

Echo and the Bunnymen. In an alternate universe, people talk about Echo and the Bunnymen the way we talk about the Beatles. I am sure of it.

Is this how the end begins? Well, who knows.

This song stopped me in my tracks. Where on earth did this guy come from? Who is this? Are you kidding me! Fantastic song. Eres especial para mí. Si. Muy, muy bien.

Oh, you like synths and heavy basses? Well, are you on the Drab Majesty hype-train yet? No? Well get on board, the train is departing choo choo!

The lyrics may be a tad bit too much. But nonetheless: yes, this will work. This will work indeed! One Horse Town.

We all stick around, because they tell us to.

This is a very special song. It’s Dutch, but I would like to think it transcends language. Highly underappreciated. Absolutely glorious.

I tend to skip bands like this. They seem a dime a dozen. But this song really holds up. Really well actually. What are you waiting for Archie?!

Let’s close this list with how we started: Fontaines D.C. Man, this is the stuff.

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