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My music discoveries of 2016

Last years’ post was pretty popular, so let’s continue this. You know the rules, so let’s go!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Conor Oberst’s (aka Bright Eyes) fragility. After a rough period he dropped a new album, with pearls like this next one. Only 3,594 views so far, we should all be ashamed.

To stay a bit with fragile singer/songwriters, this big man John Moreland will break your heart.

Declan McKenna seems like one of those rare talents. No band, shaggy hair, oversized T-shirt, 2 mikes, drummachine, guitar looper and one powerful song. I remember watching this and being kind of awestruck by his voice. I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Of all the musicians that died in 2016, Merle Haggard will probably take a modest place in people’s memories. But he was one of a kind.

New Order is of course one of my all time favourite bands. In 2015 they had a new album, with lots of great tracks (like this one). This extended mix for a track The Game is from March 2016. This song has some great breaks and tempo changes. Love it.

I admit I know nothing about this next band. But this sounds fun:

When you name your band Hoops you know you will get my attention. Their sound reminds me a bit of Small Black. This is pretty much a perfect summer anthem. Just too cool (yes, terrible pun, sorry).

To keep with the summery vibes, this next track from Bloudhounds On My Trail is named Over the Wall. Sultry and sweltering.

Our podcast first few episodes borrowed the intro from this track. Mystery solved!

I mentioned Dark Wave in this post, I discovered some more tracks from this genre. But this song was one of the first. Be advised, it’s a bit strange. But then again, they’re German.

If you like this, you are gonna love the next song too. This one is from a friend of mine. A touch of Joy Division, a dash of New Order and a whiff of Dark Wave. Just how I like it.

Reading Bruce Springsteen’s bio kickstarted me going trough his entire discography, The Promised Land stands out as a pretty powerful and pivotal song.

Confession time. I feel like I only discovered this (incredibly famous) Dylan song last year. I don’t think I paid a lot of attention to it before, because I was so familiar with the Wovenhand version (which is terrific in its own right). But come on, I should have known, nobody does it like Dylan.

So, what were YOUR discoveries of 2016?! I am always curious to know, feel free to drop it in the comments.

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