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China Observations

Last week I had the chance to visit China, specifically Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. These are my observations of China, completely biased and uninformed, for personal future reference. My conclusion after many many trips, over many years, over most of the country: Almost anything you want to say about China is true. — Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly) October 19, 2015 I thought about this tweet a lot last week. Even though I was… Read More »China Observations

Things about Egypt

We recently returned from a trip to Hurghada, Egypt. Hurghada is located by the Red Sea with amazing underwater life and very sunny and hot ‘above-water’ life. We had a wonderful time! We didn’t visit the pyramids or other famous Egyptian landmarks, nevertheless it was clear we were in a different country. Here are some things I personally noticed (and not read in a brochure). As a reminder to myself, and/or… Read More »Things about Egypt