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Plato – R.M. Hare

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Writing short introductions to classic philosophers are hard. This book tries, but falls a bit short as a true introduction. Plato, the first documented, Western philosopher set the pace for 25 centuries of philosophy. This book explains the culture and setting where Plato developed his philosophy, and their interrelation. It also touches on the main aspects of his philosophy as well as you could possibly expect in a short book… Read More »Plato – R.M. Hare

Kierkegaard – Patrick Gardiner

In general, philosophy has a reputation of being hard to understand, and Kierkegaard certainly does nothing to lessen this reputation. He was largely misunderstood in his lifetime, but also very aware that he was ahead of his time. Maybe that’s why he was an enormously prolific writer. His works are often complex and paradoxical in tone and plentiful enough to ponder on its meaning for many lifetimes. This book has… Read More »Kierkegaard – Patrick Gardiner