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If I were the CEO of Twitter

  • Tech

I still love Twitter. I’ve been using it since 2009 and it holds a special place. For reasons that I only recently learned to put in to place. Twitter is a protocol. It’s a (unique) way of communicating. I’m also still a big RSS user. Which is a different beast. Very useful, but a much more isolated experience. On Twitter you are connected and present in a visible manner. The RSS experience is… Read More »If I were the CEO of Twitter

Thoughts on Heartbleed

This week, part of the internet broke. Again. Some important people even called it an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. And I don’t disagree. After the recent Apple goto fail SSL bug and NSA RSA debacle this was actually worse. So everyone agreed on that. But 3 things, regarding open source software, stood out for me from all this. 1. OpenSSL is a great example of just one… Read More »Thoughts on Heartbleed

  • Tech

I always enjoy reading Especially from “software people”. And I am always a bit surprised when I read what hardware some people use >8 hours a day. Some people really use some old stuff! You’d sort of expect when you spend that much time working/interacting with tools you want the best (newest?) tools. But then I realised, I’m probably no different myself. So, since no-one asked I’m going to… Read More »