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Dream Dare Do – Ben Tiggelaar

Dare Dream Do (Dromen Durven Doen) is one of the all-time bestselling Dutch self-management books. Tiggelaar is a popular figure and he has a charming, personal and pragmatic writing style.

Dear dream do / Dromen durven doen – Ben Tiggelaar (2010) – 152 pages

There are few new concepts in the book (at least for me). Practices like visualisation, goalsetting, checking goals, taking responsibility and being grateful. These are all familiar concepts, shared by many other similar well-known management theories.

And with that, Tiggelaar shows a direct linage with the likes of Covey, Kahneman and even Aurelius. But you wouldn’t know this if you’re not familiar with these theories. And that is precisely what makes this a good book. Tiggelaar has condensed this knowledge into an approachable, coherent, concise, practical and actionable book that can be read in a few short hours (or one sitting in my case). And if that’s what you’re looking for, go give it a read.

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