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Glove Pond – Roger Thorpe

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Roger Thorpe is just as good a writer as Douglas Coupland is. As a matter of fact, he is also as real as a Douglas Coupland character. Glove Pond is his first novel.

Glove Pond – Roger Thorpe (2007) – 91 pages

I got this book bundled with The Gum Thief, and I was thrown off guard by the high praises on the backcover by Coupland himself. How come I had never heard of this writer? But as soon as I started reading there was the unmistakable Coupland prose and cadence!

This book is the result of the work of the main character from the Gum Thief. Interestingly the main character in Glove Pond also deals with another author who also writes a book. Because, of course he is.

The book has a couple of interesting — and classic Coupland — ideas. E.g. what would happen to the world if everyone’s IQ dropped 50 points, or the other way around, if everyone all of a sudden would become a genius. Entertaining, hilarious and sometimes frightening thought experiments. And exactly what I like about Coupland.

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