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The Strokes – I don’t want what you want

We’re at a point now that we can already reflect on the influence and legacy of NYC band the Strokes. A new book “Meet Me in the Bathroom” has been labeled as “the First Great History of New York’s 21st Century Rock Scene”. As someone who was around at the time and very aware of their existence and impact on that ‘scene’, this is still a bit strange. But it simply means enough time has passed already. Even though it feels like yesterday. And so it’s mainly an indication that I am getting older but the music for that matter is locked in time and chained to a period.

I wouldn’t say I was die-hard fan, I certainly observed and acknowledged what they did, and I saw them live once. And it makes sense to me that history will see them go down as the front runners for a specific period. But for me, they were mostly other people’s band. At least, that’s how I felt about it. But, I’m still curious about the book!

For now, here is my favorite track. It’s not a completely typical Strokes song, even though most typical Strokes elements are there. What makes this track stand out for me, is the urgency from the get go. From the first notes it is full of energy with a somewhat nervous guitar backed by a thumping base and relentless drum. The lyrics carry that same sense of urgency and are perfectly delivered. Verse, chorus and bridge seem to be chasing each other and only at one point it slows down a bit to be picked up immediately toward the finish. Love it. (The video is somewhat reminiscent of the Love is Strong video by the Rolling Stones.)

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