Git is eating the world

The inception of Git (2005) is more or less the halfway point between the inception of Linux (1991) and today (2019). A lot has happened since. One thing is clear however: software is eating the world and Git is the fork with which it is being eaten. (Yes, pun intended). Linux and Git In 2005, as far as Linus Torvalds’ legacy was concerned, he didn’t need to worry. His pet… Read More »Git is eating the world

Advent of Code

The yearly Advent of Code contest created by Eric Wastl is currently being held at That means the site is sprouting two daily programming challenges — until Christmas — to see who can solve them the fastest. But it is not just about being fast, of course, Advent of Code is also a great way to improve your programming skills with daily puzzles. And because everyone gets the same… Read More »Advent of Code