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You should blog more

Yes, you. The person reading this. You should have a place on the internet that is completely yours and where you are in complete control of what you post.

How often, you ask?

Let me reiterate what I said last week on Twitter; so I can point people to this post in the future and because I can point people to my own site instead of Twitter (see how this works?).

Me: “I made a decision last year to write a blogpost every day. Making that decision is half the job. There is no ‘when should I blog’ anymore, only ‘what should I blog about’. A question which sort of miraculously answers itself when you decide to blog every day.”

Internet person: “And how is that going?”

Me: “184 posts and counting. And 136 drafts. That’s the most surprising aspect: start blogging and everything is a concept (things picked up in a podcast or book etc.). (Dutch though).”

And this is true: when you start blogging, everything is a blog. You start to notice things. Which is a very rewarding experience on its own. That alone is reason enough to start blogging.

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