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Humor schept evenwicht (Humor creates balance) – Jaap Bakker

Jaap Bakker, a local storyteller from a small rural town in the Netherlands (Urk), has written down anecdotes and jokes from the last hundred years or so. Either things he experienced first hand or that were told to him. So expect hundreds of fun little stories. Stories anyone can identify with, about human interaction and small town life, that make you smile, laugh or even burst out.

Humor Schept Evenwicht – Jaap Bakker (2005) – 87 pages

Needless to say, I am biased about this book. Since all stories are rooted in my hometown, and therefore very relatable. But I do fear some stories would probably need added context for outsiders to make sense. So it could have used some outside editing to make it more coherent. But nonetheless, I thought it was a delightful read.

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