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Hacker News: sort user submissions by score

Hacker News is pretty much my goto site and sometimes I submit links or take part in the discussion. However when I recently tried to get a list of the links I submitted ordered by Hacker News score, I noticed this is not implemented on the site itself (as far as I can tell?).

However Hacker News wouldn’t be Hacker News if they didn’t provide an API and access to their data with Firebase. So long story short; here is a small tool where you can enter a Hacker News username and it will give a list of all submissions (stories and comments) by that username ordered by score. Here is the output for my own username.

(Note: this is written in AngularJS which I know very little about.)

(Note 2: It works OK for my own username I am not so sure about top ranked users, the dataset may be too large.)

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